Interstate Batteries


Interstate Mega-Tron BatteriesInterstate Mega-Tron Batteries

Your car’s starting, charging systems and the battery help ensure dependable vehicle operation whenever you drive your car and in all sorts of driving conditions.  Make sure to have a Deeder Automotive professional check these systems regularly.

The battery stores electrical energy and the starter converts that energy into mechanical force to turn the engine for starting.  The alternator produces electric current to replace what the starter used from the battery during start-up and to support electrical loads when the engine is running.

Driving habits such as frequent engine on/off cycles will cause more wear on the starter than a simple trip back and forth to work.  Other factors include:

  • Driving in extreme weather conditions (hot and cold)
  • Mileage
  • Vehicle Age
  • Extensive electrical draws like in-vehicle entertainment systems

For safe operation of your vehicle, keep your electrical system fully charged.  Your Deeder Automotive mechanic can check your system to maintain peak operation of your vehicle.

See your Deeder Automotive Maintenance Professional today for all your complete car care needs.